Your Business Card Should be Your Best Salesman

medium_BlueFancyBusinessCard-1390966184One of the most important building blocks of a good marketing plan is your business card. It is far and away the most likely item to find its way into the hands of your most important business contacts.


And it is the one thing that is likely to remain when all your other marketing materials are long gone. Thats why we suggest you get in contact with a business card company and let them delivery a very high quality product to you.

In other words, your business card is far more than simply a notepad with your name, address and contact number printed on it. It is an effective sales device. And it should be designed with that purpose in mind.

What can a company card do for your company?


Before asking the inescapable questions about the design of your company card, you should ask exactly what its function in your total advertising strategy is expected to be. An effectively designed company card has at least four essential advertising functions. Right here they are:.

1. Your business card assists you to present your company.
2. Your company card offers essential contact info about your company.
3. Your business card shares your crucial sales message.
4. Your company card interacts your business image.

An intro to your business.


This could appear evident, however think about it for a minute. Think about your business card as a tool for opening doors. Consider yourself at a meeting, and even at a social event. Exactly what much better method to introduce yourself to a person than to hand them your company card?

I’m not talking about pushing your company card onto individuals who don’t desire it. I’m discussing utilizing your business card as a tool to make beneficial connections with individuals who are most likely to value the introduction.

This recommends you ought to think about appropriate initial “openers” to accompany your card. For example, state you’re at a company connections meeting. Given that the purpose of the meeting is to satisfy individuals and do “networking”, you might try a simple company card swap method: “Hello there, I’m Harriet Phillips. I’m switching business cards with as lots of people as I can. Right here’s my business card. May I have among yours for my contact file?”.

Every scenario will certainly be a bit different, however the function of the card remains the same: it supplies you with a reason to introduce your company to individuals who may be able to use your services.

003043Supply essential contact info on your card.


Prior to you put your business card into the hands of potential customers, you want to make certain it interacts the most important things about you and your company.

Deciding exactly what details is “critical” will certainly vary from scenario to scenario. The essentials are quite obvious: your name, your company name, your business address, and the most reliable way for individuals to get hold of you– probably your telephone number and email address.

Rather than putting your cell or pager number on all your cards, you may make a point of writing it on the card when you think it is appropriate: “Here, I’ll give you my cell number, simply in case you cannot reach me at my office number.” That gives the impression you’re offering this individual special treatment.

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