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Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

A massage chair is a special chair that has been designed for massages. Most of these chairs can allow easy access to the shoulders, neck, head and the back. Having been introduced to the market in the 1980s, these chairs have gained notable popularity because of their convenience and fantastic features. The chairs can act and emulate the exact techniques or motions of a real masseuse. Because of this popularity, competitors are now coming up with new designs to create the most efficient models. For instance, Panasonic has been on the front-line in manufacturing quality and reliable massage chairs. One of their most reliable models on the market is the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra massage chair. It comes with unique features which can help to relieve tension, stress and alleviate pain.

Features Massage chair The massage chair features heated 3D rollers and a food massage. All these are meant to give nothing but a relaxing and humanistic experience that will make you relaxed. There is a Quadruple stretch feature which can give a deep stretch in the shoulders, neck, legs and pelvis. For a real full body relief, there is a kneading technology on the foot soles palm of the hands. The feeling it produces is almost like that of the hands of a professional masseuse. As such, it can stimulate an increase in blood flow and relieve tension in the body. Movable Armrest The chair features a movable armrest that can adjust automatically so that it can massage the arm and hand. The moving armrest also enables the chair to massage accurately even when you are lying down. There are thigh and hip massage airbags located on the waist and thighs. The airbags are meant to relax the lower back and the trunk. The presence of 3D air cushions for foot massage gives you the ideal foot massage that will make you relaxed. Shoulder airbags help to massage your shoulder and stimulate the lymphatic system, thereby cleansing the body completely. The airbags hold the shoulder in place to so that the massage heads can knead the chest, shoulders and the back. Additional Features

The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra massage chair also consists of stretching airbags for the Buttocks, pelvis and the thighs. These airbags are located under the seat to relax your body while stretching. There are also calf massage airbags for kneading all the sides of the calves. This helps to loosen and increase circulation in the calf area. These are some of the features that make this chair ideal for the perfect relaxation and massage.

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