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Mastering the Skills of Escaping Disaster

It is often that a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore, being prepared for the worst scenario is the best move to take. Go to for more information. Most people neglect survival tactics but are critical in escaping from the hands of enemies.

Emergencies and accidents occur and can be costly especially when one cannot reach out for help. Escape, survival, and resistance techniques can save the life of someone but only when they have the skills of doing so.

Skills of escaping disaster

Several, escape, evasion and protection techniques have been put forth to help individuals escape confinement and stay safe. Emergencies occur when undertaking daily activities such as travel adventures and working and much more. Such techniques are learned online through the various online training classes.

Survival Combat Fitness by John Spencer Ellis Training Course

SCF is a course that is designed for everyone that wants to stay safe in case of any random emergency. The course covers areas such as knockout strike, proper breathing, the use of soft weapons, creating self-defense, delivering punishing strikes and other solutions to real life threats. Additionally, the course also enables the learners to condition their bodies to various conditions.

Survival Doctor Emergencies Wilderness First Aid

The course combines wilderness, first aid, and other survival courses. Learners also get equipped with general knowledge on how to stay safe when confronted. It is an ideal course for campers, adventurers, travelers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is a comprehensive course that comes along with several written materials and videos.

The course is easy to follow and contains several downloadable questions. It is available both in individual modules and in full course. The course aims at tipping a person with survival tactics before seeking further assistance.

Escape Evasion and Survival Training by Michael Eichenberg

It focuses on resolving the unpredictabilities of life. It is formulated to help celebrities, adventure seekers, survivalists, travelers and high-profile executives in cases of emergencies. It is a three-day course that integrates several techniques that one can add to their arsenal.

It equips unarmed personnel with techniques on curbing knife attacks, gun, and other hand-to- hand combats. The whole course is designed for all people from all categories and walks of life. Self-defense techniques are essential to everyone regardless of their profession or career.

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